About Me

Your Host!Hi! Well this is me! 30 meters down in the coral sea.

I'm an Australian Living in Canberra - the capital of Australia. For the geographically challenged, that's south of Sydney, North of Melbourne and on the east coast side. Canberra is actually land-locked! An ideal location for an avid SCUBA diver?

Luckily, I live only a couple of hours from the coast so local diving is not a major problem. There is also easy access to national and international airports so that's OK too!


About This Site

I started this site so I could show people some of the Photographs I have taken underwater. Then it kinda' developed a mind of its own - and grew.......

It was initially built with Yahoo web builder, but then I graduated (?) to FrontPage. Initially FP 2000 but then FP 2003. It continues to evolve as my knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS increase. Also working on DHTML and PHP too!


About My Web Host

Well you may ask! I WAS being hosted by Just-Hosting.com. It is an American based web host that WAS run via an Australian. Unbeknownst  to me it was SOLD a few months ago - and UGH it deteriorated massively. Just for fun - go to their (amateur) web page and try to look for the advertised tutorials/knowledgebase etc. The TOS is still Queensland Australia but I think that's because they haven't bothered to change it. They have been un-contactable by every method I can think of so far - and they hide their domain registration so I can't get to them via a Whois search or similar. They were still taking my money though! My advice :- DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!


Now my current host is Bluehost.com. Why this company? They Have a good track record and were VERY easy to set up! Also have massive number of MySql databases, PHP, Add-ons, storage and transfer. Price is great too!


Agghh! Boy was I wrong .....  Not long after signing up, I was met with prolonged down time and poor response times. I emailed support - they apologised, responded that they had difficulties getting adequate staff numbers, and were moving data centres. If I would just hang in there, they would soon settle down, OR i could accept a pro-rated refund (I thought this a professional response). Well, I hung in there for a while longer, then had to cut and run. Got my refund though!

Soooooo...... Now I am with Site5 on one of their multisite express accounts! Essentially 5 domains as separate sites controlled from the one group of control panels. Seems excellent so far, but only time will tell - as the above confirms. Watch this space!


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