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Initial Storage

When travelling, I load my pictures directly from my CF card onto the X Drive II. My X Drive has a 30 GB hard drive that operates independently of a computer and is able to read just about every digital storage card around! It runs on an internal rechargeable battery and so far (touch wood) hasn't failed me. I have come NOWHERE near to filling 30GB despite a 10 day live-a-board and 4-5 dives a day. And that's doing a double download of every card - just to be sure. The drive hooks directly into my USB 2 port without drivers on my WINDOWS XP-Pro system. I can then upload the files as required to date specific folders.

Computer System

Currently I run a Dell 3.06GHz system with 512meg ram, two 80GB hard drives, 19 inch flat screen CRT monitor and cd burner/ DVD reader. I have calibrated the monitor with Adobe Gamma only - and so far get a good match with my printer. It does the job. Most of my photographic work is done from a dedicated hard drive and backed up onto CD. When I have finished "developing" my shots they are backed up onto a second CD for archival purposes.


This was easy. A canon S820 inkjet printer. It has 6 separate ink tanks including photo-cyan and photo-magenta. I use Canon Photo Paper Pro for all final output and Canon glossy photo paper for drafts. I chose the Canon because it produces exceptional results and integrates well with my system. I have been consistently impressed by the output of this printer and find it as good - and often better - than commercial labs. There are other printers that probably supersede it now, but as long as I find the output excellent, I'm sticking with this one.


In a nutshell - Photoshop. Initially Photoshop 5.5, then Photoshop 7 and now Photoshop CS. With the latest release I don't need to use a separate Canon RAW image converter or Breeze Browser as Photoshop CS has the converters built in with all the options I require.

Web Pages are designed in FrontPage 2003.

Photo albums are constructed with JAlbum - a fantastic little freeware program. Highly recommended.

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