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In this site you will find information on:

Diving Trip Reports

A selection of dive trips both locally and internationally. The place to look if you want both a divers and a (digital) photographers perspective on a variety of destinations. Also links to my trip related photo albums. 

Underwater Digital Photography

Far too many photographs taken above and below the water. Mostly below! I describe my equipment and techniques as well as the traps I have fallen into as my underwater photographic experience has evolved!


A selection of interesting links related to diving. You'll find links to:
  • Digital underwater photography and to photographic suppliers.
  • Links to web sites for underwater photographers.
  • General links of interest.
  • Beware of nudibranchs!


A page all about me, this site and general information. Mainly for the curious at heart.




A place for you to leave YOUR comments and a chance to display your wit! PLEASE sign it and tell me what you think!


Otherwise - Simply follow the links in the navigation bar and look around.

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