WDC-300 Canon Housing

Front of WDC 300. Note black ring. Click to enlarge.This is the Canon WDC300 underwater housing. It fits the Canon S45, S40 and S50 Cameras. As you can see, all the camera controls are accessible via the housing (although you need to use some combinations to reach the occasional menu). Canon has updated their camera software and you can now turn the camera off and on without removing it from the housing.

Rear of WDC 300. All controls available. Click to enlarge.You'll see that I have coloured-in the silver lens perimeter with a waterproof black marker. I was concerned about internal reflection from the add-on lenses. Seems to have helped, but not as much as using the Inon  "clear photo" flash system - that eradicates the problem altogether.

The Canon housing has a single "O" ring and a double latch system. It is rated to 30m but, I have (inadvertently) taken it to 40m without any problems.

There is a bit of talk about fogging problems with these housings, and I did have this initially DESPITE using the Canon supplied anti-fog. There is a fair bit of heat generated by the internal flash and this certainly predisposes to condensation over the dive time. The solution that has worked for me is to :

  1. Use the de-fog before every dive
  2. Insert a silica gel moisture absorber into the housing with the camera
  3. Keep the housing cool before the dive in a container of water.

A routine part of my pre-dive routine is to check and grease the "O" ring (grease supplied by Canon) and ensure that all controls work freely. Post dive I always leave the housing to soak and check everything works after it dries.



  • Well made compact see through body. Leaks would be visible.
  • Cheap ++ compared to third party housings
  • Easy access to all controls.
  • Full view of screen.
  • Simple but effective locking system.
  • Tendency to fog if your not careful.
  • Cost of replacement "O" rings.
  • Silver  reflective cap  around glass port.

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