Inon UCL 330 and UWL 100 add on lenses

I was delighted to find that there were add-on lenses for my canon housing as I was very keen to get a decent macro. Interestingly, I have found the wide-angle to be of even more value. Both of these are from INON and seem to be more than adequate for my needs at the  moment. They screw directly onto the Inon 67mm adapter and can be changed underwater at will.
I got both of them with a neoprene pouch for storage, but was surprised that the 330 (macro) didn't come with any sort of lens cap at all! I managed to get an old one from my friendly camera shop and also found a Tupperware container that fits it perfectly.

UWL 100 Wide Angle lens

Wide angle lens. Click to enlarge.The Wide angle is around 100 degrees with some minor aberration at the sides but I find it more than acceptable. It can be mated with a dome port to really open it out, but this is a semi-permanent fixture and needs to be set-up before diving.

An important point:

The Inon UWL 100 (wide angle) manual warns that after a few dives you may get a residue of silicon grease or similar building up on the rear lens element. Presumably it bleeds out from the internal seals. It DOES happen, and unless you look out for it the first you will notice is a soft focus effect! Simply keep an eye out for it in the first couple of dozen dives. Less of an issue after that. Just needs a quick polish with a lint free lens cloth.

Over all I have found this lens invaluable and would HIGHLY recommend it as a first accessory before the macro.

UCL 330 Macro Lens

"macro" lens. Click to enlarge.An add on "macro" lens that allows closer focus than the Canon's native setup. Seems good quality although  not that strong. Hass a threaded front so you can stack lenses if needed. Mainly my nudibranch lens.




  • Beautifully made with good optics FOR THE PRICE
  • Cheaper than some other third party add-ons.
  • Option of adding a dome to the Wideangle
  • Initial build up of residue on the wide angle (admittedly well warned about).

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