Tray and Arm






Camera tray and Strobe Arm

Inon lens adapter and ULCS tray. Click to enlarge.This is the camera tray from ULCS with the INON add-on lens adapter attached to it. The tray is not particularly heavy ( in the water), and attaches VERY securely to the camera housing via the knurled screw on the bottom. There is no chance of the camera rotating. The grip is good solid rubber and has had no tendency to become slimy.

Housing, tray, arm and strobe. Click to enlarge.The strobe and ULCS arm fit directly onto the system without difficulty and give excellent control with positioning underwater. You will see that there is a double lens caddy in the centre of the strobe arm which I use for my INON add-on lenses.






  • Beautifully made.
  • No tendency for the arm to slip.
  • Easy add-on lens storage.
  • Very secure attachment.
  • Not cheap! (ULCS are the Rolls Royce of arms)

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